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Designed to help seafarers navigate their mental health journey with empathy and understanding on the way to a psychologically safe and supportive environment for all.
Scientific, multifaceted approach to identifying, addressing, and monitoring mental health issues related to the psychosocial challenges specific to life at sea.
Digital platforms and 24/7 Help Line make anonymous, confidential mental health care available to crewmembers anywhere in the world.
Potential for early detection and prevention, with counseling and crisis-intervention as needed in support of a satisfying, stigma-free experience.
Dignified, respectful, culturally-sensitive approach to the most personal aspect of an individual’s health and wellbeing.
Online access to current and historical CREW data and analytics for risk assessment.

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Developed by Port Medical Management, in association with maritime-specific mental health professionals familiar with the common stressors seafarers experience in their unique environment.

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