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Icon Priority Appointments

Priority Appointments

Your call to Port Medical Management eliminates the need for frenzied phone calls to medical facilities whose limited availability and capacity could delay treatment. Port Medical Management’s contracted hospitals, clinics and physicians understand the time constraints in the shipping industry and remain on high alert so that your people become a priority. As a regular practice, we connect crew members with treatment options in the shortest possible time to minimize the threat of lost productivity.

Icon Expedited Diagnosis & Treatment

Expedited Diagnosis & Treatment

At Port Medical Management, our concern for the seafarers we take under our wing focuses on both access and accuracy. With an eye on speed and efficiency, we locate the right type of medical professional and facility to address the needs of each patient. Our clients are kept up to date on any new developments during treatment and provided with easy-to-understand HIPAA compliant treatment summaries for each patient we serve. Fast action, accurate diagnosis, and prompt treatment are Port Medical Management trademarks that have been getting the job done for our clients since 2005.

Icon Dedicated Hospitals And Clinics

Dedicated Hospitals, Clinics & Physicians

Our vetted, contracted physicians and facilities are equipped to address most medical concerns, from minor clinical procedures to major hospitalization. Their credentials and expertise include but are not limited to cardiology, gastroenterology, ENT, internal medicine, ophthalmology, dental, surgical, dermatology, urology and orthopedic. Port Medical Management can also provide interpreters, immunizations, COVID 19 testing, medications, medicine chest requirements, drug and alcohol screenings, preventive check-ups, and fit-for-duty evaluations.

Icon Case Management and P&I Correspondence

Case Management and P&I Correspondence

Port Medical Management’s years of experience handling tens of thousands of medical cases, in tandem with our commanding knowledge of the shipping industry, facilitates our comprehensive, turnkey case management of medical cases at a level unmatched in the maritime field.

In cases which progress to the level of P&I involvement, our case managers remain in constant communication with the medical providers involved in treatment so that we may provide real-time updates to the P&I Club and their members.

We monitor the patient's progress throughout their hospital admission and keep all concerned parties updated regarding the crewmember's status by providing concise summary medical reports daily.

Because we speak and understand the language of both the shipping and medical worlds, Port Medical’s reports are easy for all to understand. We have the experience necessary to pursue the best possible outcomes for returning sick and injured crew members safely to the vessels or to their homes.

This high level of active correspondence and our proven track record are the primary reasons we are preferred by some of the world's best P&I companies.

Icon Efficient Billing

Efficient Billing, Auditing & Review

It may be the final step of Port Medical Management’s service formula, but our accounting procedures are activated the minute we accept a crew member for medical care. The full benefits of our negotiation skills, our cost containment measures, and our auditing review practices come to light when our consolidated billing system generates timely, comprehensive invoices. This prevents the appearance of unexpected bills from physicians or facilities and eliminates the need for additional bookkeeping hours or supplemental invoices.

Icon Cost Containment

Cost Control & Containment

Maintaining a laser focus on bottom line costs for Port Medical Management clients ensures that they do not overpay for medical care. We demand fair and reasonable fees and charges from physicians and remain vigilant in the prevention of unnecessary treatments and expenses. Our contracted physicians’ rates are competitively priced and pre-negotiated. Port Medical Management also monitors each case as it progresses, notifying our clients when costs increase or approach a level that might trigger the need for a ship’s P&I insurance.

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From minor clinical cases to major hospitalization emergencies.